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Russian Federation/Chechnya: a first success for microeconomic projects in Grozny

18-08-2005 Feature

Today, Banata Alimova becomes the first person to become self-sufficient under the ICRC microeconomic projects programme launched in Chechnya last year.


  ©ICRC / B. Heger / ru-e-00219    
    Banata Alimova becomes the proud owner of her own sewing workshop in Grozny today. She opened it six months ago in the framework of the ICRC's microeconomic projects programme on behalf of beneficiaries in Chechnya. The programme enables poor families dependent on humanitarian aid to start a small private enterprise and achieve financial stability over the long-term.
To participate in the programme and receive the appropriate and necessary equipment and materials fro m the ICRC, a person currently dependent on ICRC assistance applies by presenting a detailed plan for their business project. The viability of the project is the main criteria for selection.
After six months, ICRC specialists supervising the programme assess its long-term sustainability. If they judge it successful, the household can keep the material provided by the ICRC and will be taken off the list of beneficiaries.
Since the beginning of 2005, 82 applications have been approved and 13 families have already received equipment enabling them to start their own projects.
Among them was Banata Alimova, who received four chairs, one table, an iron and three sewing machines from the ICRC in February 2005 to open her workshop.
Banata loves sewing and has been doing it practically her whole life.
" Every girl should know how to sew, " she says with nostalgia for past traditions when every bride used to present her future husband with a hand-made scarf. The workshop produces not only scarves but all sorts of clothes for men, women and children.
In fact, it is now receiving so many orders, that its working schedule must be planned several weeks in advance. Banata has two women working with her and plans to hire more.