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Jordan: Syrian refugees phone home

13-12-2012 Feature

As the violence intensifies and spreads in Syria, some 250,000 people have fled into Jordan, according to Jordanian official sources. About 45,000 Syrians are sheltering in Al Zaatari refugee camp. Fearful for the safety of family members still in Syria, refugees cover their faces for interviews as they tell their stories of flight and terror.



Under international humanitarian law, families have the right to know the fate of missing relatives.  During the ICRC free phone calls to relatives anywhere in the world, politics may not be discussed.  

  •  More than 8,800 people have called relatives in Syria or abroad from Zaatari camp since the ICRC began providing tracing services (26 September 2012).
  • Are you are looking for a family member? familylinks.icrc.org can help you