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Yemen: Making life more bearable for detained migrants

17-12-2013 Feature

So far this year, over 60,000 people have attempted the perilous journey from the Horn of Africa, across the sea into Yemen, often in a bid to make it to the Gulf States. The driving factor is poverty, as these migrants believe that good job opportunities await them. Each day people die on this journey. Others are arrested or end up in illegal smugglers' camps. Some of the survivors give up and come to this deportation centre in desperation.

How the ICRC and the Yemeni Red Crescent have been helping inmates of this deportation centre during 2013:

  • The ICRC and the Yemeni Red Crescent gave more than 2,000 migrants food and hygiene supplies, to try to ensure that their treatment and conditions of detention meet internationally recognized standards.
  • The ICRC has improved the water infrastructure in the centre, built a new washing area and completed construction of a children's playground.

The ICRC has been coordinating its efforts to improve conditions in the deportation centre with the International Organisation for Migration and Médicins Sans Frontières.