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United Kingdom: World War One: One hundred images for one hundred years


August 4 2014 marks the day, 100 years ago, that Europe went to war. To mark the centenary, we've been posting pictures on Twitter and Storify everyday – 100 in total - from our First World War archives.

World War One: One hundred images for one hundred years

Which was your favourite? See them all and let us know by tweeting us on @ICRC_uk using the hashtag #100pics100years.

War seen through the eyes of those we tried to help

The images show the world at war seen through the eyes of our staff and the people the ICRC strived to help.  

Many of the photos show detainees of Prisoner-of-War and internment camps at work and at rest.

We sent our delegates to these camps to ensure detainees were kept in acceptable conditions. We also established the International Prisoners of War agency to find soldiers who had lost contact with their relatives. Only months after its inception, hundreds of staff in Geneva were manually filing reports of missing and captured soldiers and civilians on index cards to match identities and inform families.

A box of these index cards from the International Prisoner of War Agency archives has gone on display in the British Library in London in its Enduring War exhibition, which runs until October 12 2014.

The story of our six million index cards and other work in World War I is told here: British Library: Evolution and expansion: The ICRC in World War One