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Syria: Facts and figures, January-June 2013

31-07-2013 Field Newsletter

More than two years of fighting have had a major impact on every aspect of life in Syria. Untold numbers of people are dead, disabled, missing, detained or separated from their families. Fighting has hampered health care, water supply and rubbish collection. Schools, hospitals and other public facilities have been destroyed. Together, the ICRC and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent are providing food, water and health care.


  • Emergency assistance: Food and other essential items
  • Providing clean water and upgrading water and sanitary works
  • Health care for the sick and the wounded
  • Restoring contact between family members
  • Visiting detainees
  • Promoting international humanitarian law
  • Apple transfer from the occupied Golan
  • Working in partnership with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent
  • The ICRC's mission in a nutshell