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Niger and Mali: local population and refugees facing food crisis

04-06-2012 Film Ref. AV018A

Already hard hit by a poor growing season in 2011-2012, the population of North Tillabéry in Niger now has to share its meagre resources with the many refugees arriving from Mali.

More than 30,000 Malians from the Ménaka area and an estimated 8,000 Niger nationals living in Mali have found refuge in Niger since the beginning of the year, fleeing the fighting between government forces and armed groups. The ICRC and the Red Cross of Niger are providing food and seed and running a food for work scheme in order to rehabilitate arable land.

  • Copyright: ICRC
  • Release year: 2012
  • Production locations: Niger
  • Running time: 2 minutes
  • Reference: AV018A