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Chad: ICRC helps people affected by conflict

04-07-2008 Interview

The ICRC is continuing its efforts to bring assistance and protection to those affected by the armed conflict in Chad. Following the temporary withdrawal of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the ICRC's Deputy Head of Operations for the Horn of Africa, Simon Ashmore, clarifies the ICRC's position in Chad.


  Simon Ashmore    
     Will the ICRC follow the Federation and withdraw from Chad?  

We would like to rectify the possible misunderstandings following media reports that the'International Red Cross'has stopped or suspended activities in Chad. The ICRC has no intention of stopping its humanitarian work in Chad. The Federation recently decided to temporarily sus pend its activities in Chad. However, this decision does not concern the ICRC which has a completely different mandate. 

 Since when is the ICRC active in Chad and what exactly is it doing there?  

We have been working in Chad since 1978. We aim to provide protection and assistance for those displaced within the country, detainees and other people particularly affected by the internal armed conflict and other forms of violence. The ICRC distributes emergency aid, supports the treatment of the wounded and amputees, visits detainees and works to re-establish family links for those separated by conflict, for example Sudanese refugees currently in Chad.

We have a delegation in the capital, N'Djamena as well as one sub-delegation and six offices in the East of Chad. We currently have about 300 employees in Chad including 50 international staff. 

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