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UEFA and ICRC launch online fundraising drive for EURO™ 2008

26-03-2008 Interview

The ICRC and UEFA have teamed up to launch a fundraising campaign around the Euro 2008 football championship being held in Austria and Switzerland in June. The ICRC's Antoine Bieler, who is responsible for the campaign, explains the idea behind Score For the Red Cross.

 The ICRC has launched this new fundraising campaign in partnership with UEFA. How can people Score For the Red Cross and have fun at the same time?  


With just one click, people can support the Red Cross and at the same time support their favourite team among the 16 qualifiers for EURO 2008. On the one hand people will help mine victims in Afghanistan walk again. On the other hand, people can help their preferred team win this virtual humanitarian EURO 2008.


 How will the money raised be spent?  


The ICRC will use the funds raised through this site to finance its activities for those affected by landmines and other explosive remnants of war in Afghanistan. In this country, an average of 60 people a day are killed or maimed by mines or other explosive remnants of war. To lose a leg or an arm in a mine accident is not only a huge physical blow but also causes immense psychological suffering as well. Helping victims to rebuild their lives, to find a job and a role in society after such a shock is what the ICRC strives to do through the six orthopaedic centres it manages across the country.


 This isn't the first time the ICRC and UEFA have joined up. What's the history of the partnership?  


UEFA has supported the ICRC since 1997 and has contributed to its activities in the field to the sum of 8 million Swiss francs. There was also an anti-mine campaign in 1999 and, on the occasion of EURO 2004, there was the campaign " Play by the Rules. " This partnership ended in December 2006. However, we now had the opportunity to relaunch the partnership with a flourish and UEFA has chosen the ICRC as its fund-raising humanitarian partner for the EURO 2008 tournament.

 Why does a football tournament offer such a great opportunity for humanitarian fund-raising?  


A football tournament is a very emotional event with a festive character and thus it is an ideal platform to communicate a humanitarian message. Furthermore, football is the most popular sport in our culture. We can reach people we would otherwise not be able to. People are ready to support humanitarian activities but first we have to show them the needs and ask them for their help.