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Profession: pool manager

14-01-2013 Job Opportunity Ref. hq-pool-mgr

Location: Headquarters

Full time - HQ

Purpose of the post:

In line with the objectives of the People Management Programme (PMP), the Office of the Director of Operations will set up a pool of generalist middle managers (head of office, head of sub-delegation, head of mission and deputy head of delegation ). The Pool Manager will support the Office of the Director of Operations in establishing and managing a pool of middle managers, working closely with the HR Department and managers of specialized staff pools (metiers), supporting PMP initiatives related to international assignment planning, talent and career management.

Main responsibilities:

Under the management of the the Office of the Director of Operations and in close cooperation with HR, managers of specialized staff pools and the PMP, the Pool Manager for generalist middle managers will have the following responsibilities:

  • Identify the generalist staff pool for middle management positions within a period of 12 months, considering and possibly influencing ways in which the ICRC is managing its pool of generalist delegates on one hand and heads of delegation pool on the other
  • Propose ways to harmonise and coordinate the management of staff pools at the ICRC, including how ICRC people can move in and out of the generalist pool and between pools in general
  • Work transversally within ICRC to help clarifying roles and responsibilities for pool management between operational managers, functional managers and HR staff
  • Contribute to the design of the ICRC's future international assignment planning process that aims at sourcing positions effectively through a more transparent process of sharing job opportunities within ICRC so that people can take more responsibility for managing their own careers
  • In coordination with HR/Global Planning and the regions, manage international assignments of generalist middle managers in line with the future international assignment planning process
  • Participate as a full member at the Career Assessment Commission for Middle Managers and contribute to the development of a career management framework for the generalist staff pool that better enables people to move between pools and job categories, including moving from resident to mobile positions, based on their competencies, skills, performance and potential
  • Work closely with other pool managers and HR/Recruitment to determine competencies and skills required for the selection of mobile generalist staff to be selected/recruited
  • Participate in the identification of management needs in terms of HR technology to support pool and career management.

Required Profile:

  • University degree or a combination of relevant studies and experience

Selection criteria:

  • Strong ICRC field experience, ideally at senior management level, with at least one HQ assignment during his/her career
  • Strong interest in HR practice, able to demonstrate motivation and ability to contribute to improved assignment and career management of ICRC generalist middle managers
  • Excellent relationship management skills
  • Knowledge of assignment and career management and/or other HR processes
  • Proven skills and competencies in designing and implementing processes
  • Proven ability to achieve results and deliver on objectives
  • Strong interest in diversity issues
  • Fluent in French and English including excellent writing skills
  • Strong interest and motivation to contribute to the People Management Programme
  • Enjoys working in a team and has strong interpersonal skills.

Minimum length of assignment: 2 years

Starting date: March 2013

Deadline: 10th February 2013

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