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Senior Arabic translator/reviser

05-05-2015 Job Opportunity Ref. fd-senior-arabic

Location: Field

Activity rate: 100 % - Based in Baghdad/ Iraq


Purpose of the post

The Iraq delegation of the ICRC is seeking a senior expatriate Arabic translator/reviser to manage the delegation's translation service effectively and ensure that the documents entrusted to the service are translated in accordance with the standards of the profession and of the ICRC.

The senior translator/reviser is the focal point for all written translations (English to Arabic and vice versa) at the delegation, in particular reports and general communications to be submitted to the authorities, as well as publications, presentations, training materials, etc.

The senior translator/reviser must be able to use the appropriate register and style depending on the intended readership of the translated document and taking into consideration local sensibilities and specificities.

The senior translator translates into Arabic confidential documents and reports produced by the Protection Department – in particular for detention-related activities.

The senior translator will assist the management of the delegation and the protection coordination team with interpretation during meetings when sensitive / confidential issues are being discussed.

Occasionally, the senior translator will assist detention teams during visits conducted in various AoR in Iraq upon request of the Detention Coordination.

Your tasks

Under the direct supervision of the Communication coordinator, the senior translator/reviser has the following responsibilities.

  • Supervising and managing the Arabic translation service at the delegation;
  • Assisting in recruiting, coaching and supervising the work of competent and experienced junior translators (1-2) who translate a wide range of texts as required by the management and the various departments of the delegation;
  • Managing deadlines so as to deliver translations on time;  
  • Revising translations done by local translators with a view to ensuring quality;
  •  Providing written translations of all relevant official correspondence with authorities and/or confidential texts;
  • Editing written documents if and when necessary;
  • Liaising with GVA (CIM_CORP_LIN) and CSC Cairo, whenever necessary;
  • Organizing the work of a pool of translators and establishes priorities;
  • Setting up internal procedures/mechanisms to centralize requests from various departments within the delegation;
  • When needed, he/she shall assist in delegation-related interpretation activities (seminars and workshops, and official meetings with interlocutors);
  • Occasionally, the senior translator will be requested to take part in detention visits to assist detention teams with interpretation.

The working time of the senior translator will be divided as follows:

25% Translation for the COM Department – including revision of texts
50% Translation for the PROT Department
10% Management of local translators
5% Work with Detention Teams during Detention visits

Selection requirements

  • University degree and/or post-graduate qualification in translation
  • At least five years of professional experience in translation, revision and editing
  • Experience in managing a team
  • Native Arabic speaker
  • Confirmed writing skills in English & Arabic
  • French language skills as asset
  • Ability to give guidance and to coach staff

Your profile

  • You can ensure terminological and stylistic consistency of texts
  • You can adapt technical texts for a wide readership
  • You can work independently and as part of a team
  • You can work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
  • You are interested in learning

For reasons related to the institution's working procedures, in particular its principle of neutrality, ICRC personnel cannot be nationals or originate from the countries to which they are assigned.

Minimum length of assignment: 18 months

Start date: immediate

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