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Selected resources for students

27-06-2014 Article, by Eva Coley

On this page you will find useful and interesting information to broaden your understanding of the objectives and operations of the ICRC. Listed below is a selection of 10 videos, pages, blogs and galleries are listed which cover a range of activities in which the ICRC are involved, an insight into ICRC’s history since the Committee’s establishment in 1863, and significant events over the past 150 years that have made the ICRC such an important part of history.

Video : Story of an Idea

This video tells the story of how the Red Cross began and includes important information about the basic principles and priorities of the organization.

Website: 150 Years of Humanitarian Action
This page has been created in celebration of 150th anniversary of the ICRC. It includes a timeline of important events in ICRC’s history, for example the adoption of the four Geneva conventions in 1949.
Web Page: Mandate and Mission
This is a very useful page for understanding the working principles of the ICRC works, based largely on the Geneva Conventions of 1949. This is the basis on which  the organization operates.
Video: Eddison's Road to Recovery
This YouTube video posted by the ICRC gives a good example of the impact of the organization’s work on an individual level, in this case how Eddison’s life was improved with a prosthetic limb provided to him by the ICRC.
Web Page: ICRC operations  in Central African Republic
This page is interesting because it gives an example of a current ICRC operation, one of many in which they are involved in more than 80 countries.
Web Page: Events at ICRC
Recent and upcoming events are listed on the ICRC website. This recent event highlights an important part of ICRC’s job - educating people about what they do and raising awareness about  the organization.
Blog: Intercross
‘Intercross’ is the blog of the ICRC in Washington D.C. It posts interesting and relevant stories and thus  is useful for keeping up to date on current affairs in which the ICRC is involved.
Photo Gallery: Congolese children are reunited with their families
These 11 photographs were taken during a project in Uganda and DRC. Photo galleries are an interesting and captivating way of presenting the activities and background of the ICRC.
Web Page: Six Underfunded Operations
The ICRC is funded by voluntary contributions. The information on this page is a summary of which countries require the most funds and how these funds have been spent during the past year.
Video: Torture
This powerful video was created by the ICRC as part of an effort to prevent torture and other forms of ill-treatment. It presents an interesting and important concept on how torture leads to hatred and stimulates more violence.

Resources selected by Eva Coley, year eleven student in Sheffield, United Kingdom.