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Nagorny Karabakh conflict: ICRC provides assistance

21-06-1995 News Release 25

Although life is gradually returning to normal in the Nagorny Karabakh region, thanks to the cease-fire which has now lasted for over a year, certain population groups, particularly the elderly, are still finding it very difficult to cope with the combined effects of the conflict and the isolation in which they live. The ICRC accordingly decided to set up a programme to come to their aid. Between February and June, 27,000 people in 160 villages received soap and food parcels containing cooking oil, sugar, beans, canned meat and cheese.

In the Fizuli district, on the other side of the front line, the restoration of peace has enabled many displaced persons to return home. Between November 1994 and April of this year, some 35,000 people received resettlement aid from the ICRC in the form of food parcels and reinforced plastic sheeting for repairs to their homes. Since May, this assistance has been adapted to the needs of some 14,000 displaced persons still remaining in the area and of 1,200 vulnerable residents.