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Moratoria on exports of antipersonnel mines as of March 1996


 The following information is subject to change and may be incomplete  

 Comprehensive Moratoria  






 Czech Republic  








 Korea, Republic of  





 Slovak Republic  

 South Africa***  





 United States  

 Limited Moratoria  



 Austria (Moratorium on exports to States which are not Party to Protocol II of the CCW)

 United Kingdom  

 European Union (An indefinite moratorium on the export of non-detectable and non-self-destructing anti-personnel landmines, plus a ban on all exports to States not Party to the CCW)

 Russian Federation (3 years on non-self-destructing anti-personnel mines)



* In addition, on 2 March 1995 Belgium was the very first country to enact a law that complet ely bans the manufacture, trade, use, and stockpiling of anti-personnel mines.

** France announced a moratorium on production of anti-personnel mines on 26 October 1995.

*** Permanent ban on export or sale of anti-personnel mines since late 1995.

 International Committee of the Red Cross  

 EAA/6 March 1996