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Seven Days in a minefield, on

02-10-1996 News Release 96/39

The aim of the International Strategy Conference to be held in Ottawa at the end of this week (3-5 October 1996) is to make further progress towards the total elimination of anti-personnel landmines. To highlight the suffering of mine victims and make their voices heard, the ICRC has launched a special project. Famous war photographer Tim Page and ICRC News editor Kim Gordon-Bates are currently in Cambodia to observe at first hand the human tragedy caused by landmines; every day for a week they are sending four photos and an up-to-the-minute text which can be accessed by all Internet users ( The project, entitled " Seven Days in a Minefield " , is designed to heighten awareness among the public and those attending the Ottawa Conference, where the pictures and text are shown on a large screen.

The photos taken on 1 October focused on the ICRC's prosthetic workshop in Battambang. One picture shows an amputee trying out his new artificial legs on an exercise bike. The caption reads: " The machines, in motion and yet static, create an impression of unreality. Meanwhile, human flesh appears to be relegated to a secondary role by the artificial " . The accompanying text describes how Tim Page, himself a former mine victim, sometimes has to turn away from such scenes, exclaiming " It's tearing me up! " .