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Republic of Congo: ICRC back at work

11-06-1997 News Release 97/22

After being trapped indoors for several days by the heavy fighting in Brazzaville, ICRC delegates were finally able to reach the airport on 10 June and begin to help evacuate foreigners from the town, using an ICRC-chartered  plane. Priority is being given to women, children and the ill. Fourteen people were taken across the river to Kinshasa on the first flight and further trips back and forth are now taking place.

The authorities in Congo Brazzaville have meanwhile granted the ICRC permission to resume its flights from Kinshasa to Lukolela, where Rwandan refugees have gathered after crossing the river from the former Zaire. After a six-day interruption, the ICRC plane will start up its round-trip journeys again on 11 June to deliver food and medical supplies that will be distributed by two ICRC expatriates and volunteers from the Congolese Red Cross.