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Uganda: ICRC repatriates 72 Sudanese prisoners of war from Entebbe to Khartoum

13-01-2000 News Release 00/01

Geneva (ICRC) – On 13 January the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) repatriated 72 Sudanese prisoners of war released by the Ugandan authorities. The prisoners were flown out of Entebbe with an ICRC team on board a plane chartered by the organization and were handed over to the Sudanese authorities at Khartoum airport. The ICRC, which had offered its services as a neutral intermediary, acted with the consent of both parties.

The prisoners were released into the care of the ICRC on 11 January during an official ceremony attended by the ICRC head of delegation in Kampala. They were subsequently able to talk freely with ICRC delegates so as to confirm that they wished to be repatriated and were given a medical check-up before they left. The 72 men, who had been interned in Uganda since 1997, had been registered after their capture and had received regular visits from ICRC delegates.

The ICRC welcomes this repatriation, which took place in accordance with the Third Geneva Convention.