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Republic of the Congo: Assistance for refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

17-02-2000 News Release 00/05

Fleeing the ongoing fighting in Equateur province, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, combatants and civilians have crossed the river Oubangui and sought refuge in the Republic of the Congo. Since the ICRC had heard from various sources that there were many wounded among the refugees, from 10 to 12 February two delegates based in Brazzaville visited Impfondo, 800 kilometres north of the Congolese capital.

The purpose of the trip was to assess the situation and, if necessary, to deliver medicines and medical equipment. Contrary to what the alarming reports had led them to expect, however, the delegates found only two war-wounded on the spot. They nonetheless decided to give the Impfondo hospital the supplies they had brought along since it was the only medical facility in the region and was facing severe shortages.