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Russian Federation / northern Caucasus: ICRC begins visits to detainees

18-05-2000 News Release 00/18

On Wednesday 17 May, ICRC delegates began visits to persons detained by the Russian authorities in connection with the conflict in Chechnya.

An agreement setting out procedures for these visits was recently reached with the Russian Foreign Ministry and the authorities responsible for detention-related matters. ICRC visits will thus be conducted in accordance with its usual practice. The first visits will take place at a detention centre in the northern Caucasus, then, in coming weeks, at other places of detention in the Russian Federation.

These visits are being conducted after Russian President Vladimir Putin gave assurances to ICRC President Jakob Kellenberger, during talks in Moscow on 30 March 2000, that ICRC delegates would be granted access to all persons detained in connection with the conflict, wherever they are being held.