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Democratic Republic of the Congo: ICRC aids hospitals

18-05-2000 News Release 00/18

On 14 May, an ICRC aircraft landed at Kisangani, in the north-east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with 1,200 kg of medical supplies on board. This aid was intended for hospitals in the city, where clashes between Ugandan and Rwandan armed forces broke out on 5 May. An ICRC staff member is on the scene to supervise distribution of the supplies and direct other Red Cross activities.

When hostilities erupted, the ICRC began providing 11 of the city's hospitals with emergency medical aid, which has enabled them to care for 159 war-wounded, mostly civilians. The ICRC and volunteers from the Red Cross Society of the Democratic Republic of the Congo have also cleared away rubble and cleaned the premises of two hospitals and several buildings in the city centre damaged by bombs; meanwhile, repair work in the operating theatre and radiology unit of the city's general hospital is under way.

In addition, the ICRC launched an information campaign in the local press to warn the population of the dangers of unexploded shells and other munitions. Volunteers from the National Society marked various sites and made them secure, so that civilians — children in particular — would not fall victim to these deadly weapons.