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Russian Federation / northern Caucasus: Efforts continue to improve medical care in Grozny

18-05-2000 News Release 00/18

   During a follow-up visit conducted by ICRC staff in Grozny last week, three of the city's main hospitals were given additional medical supplies to help them continue to treat patients in the face of enormous difficulties. All three facilities have also received assistance from other humanitarian organizations and the government.

Courageous and determined hospital staff are doing their best to make things work. They are currently carrying out basic renovations, including plastering, whitewashing, window replacement and roof repairs, while also caring for patients. They provide outpatient treatment and, whenever possible, send inpatients home at night.

The most serious problem is still the lack of water, which often needs to be supplied in bottles; there is also no constant supply of electricity, because of lack of fuel.

ICRC staff have been assured, however, that emergency care is available around the clock in Hospital No 9, where traumatology, surgery, gynaecology and resuscitation services are available. Since the end of April, seven major and 45 minor operations have been performed there, and six mine victims have been admitted. At the time of the ICRC visit, this facility had 13 inpatients and the Republican paediatric hospital had 23, while Hospital No 1 was treating only outpatients.