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Ecuador: Senior officers instructed in humanitarian law

17-08-2000 News Release 00/31

At the beginning of August, 33 senior officers of the Ecuadorian armed forces and national police attended a two-day course on international humanitarian law and international law of armed conflict given by the ICRC regional delegate based in Caracas.

The course was part of a three-month programme for senior officers in national security policy and combat strategy for combined operations of the army, navy and air force organized at the National War Institute (INAGUE). The programme is mandatory for promotion to the rank of general. Eleven colonels and 13 lieutenant-colonels of the army, five captains of naval vessels, two colonels of the air force, and two lieutenant-colonels of the national police took part in the most recent session.

Ultimately, as groups of instructors are formed, the armed forces should themselves become directly involved in teaching humanitarian law, the rules of which will also be taken into account in decision and command procedures, and included in instruction guidelines and military handbooks.