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Azerbaidjan - June 2001, monthly bulletin


In June, for the first time the protection team of the Baku delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) visited persons deprived of their freedom in the SIZO (investigation isolator) of the Ministry of Justice in Ganja city. Other follow-up visits were made in Bailov SIZO and Central Penitentiary Hospital under the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice, in the SIZO supervised by the Ministry of National Security and in 4 IVSs (isolator for temporary detention) of the Ministry of Interior. The visits were conducted in accordance with the ICRC's standard working procedures. They include private interviews with detainees and discussions of problems raised by the detainees with the authorities.

In the framework of the tuberculosis control project inside the penitentiary system conducted by the Ministry of Justice with the assistance of the ICRC, 570 detainees are presently under DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Short Course) treatment in colony # 3.

The system of drug control was modified by the ICRC in colony # 3 under the Ministry of Justice. Modifications will allow to provide patients,  who otherwise would have to interrupt their treatment due to liberation from the hospital, with TB medicines for up to 2 months of treatment continuation. Thus, these patients will get an additional opportunity to complete their TB treatment course.

From 20th to 25th June, the Orthopaedic Centre hosted two orthopaedic specialists, PhD Mr Jean Bernard, Chief of Orthopaedic service at the Children department of the Rehabilitation Centre of Les Massues (Lyon, France) and Mr Cyril Lecant, representative of a private Prothesis & Orthoses enterprise working with the Rehabilitation Centr e of Les Massues (Lyon, France) who performed presentations in a conference debate on Scoliosis and its treatment organized by the ICRC on 23rd June. The conference was attended by 52 participants from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labour and Social Protection including the Vice-Minister of the MOLASP Mr Tahir Budagov. The specialists also ran a three-hour training for the Azerbaijani students of the Orthopaedic Centre.

During the one-month period  the Orthopaedic Centre, operated jointly by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection and the ICRC, housed 25 patients in its dormitory and delivered 34 prostheses ( 4 out of them for mine victims) plus 62 orthoses. 28 patients were supplied with crutches and sticks. The Orthopaedic Centre was visited by 59 persons.

On 21st June,  the ICRC Communication Department participated  in a seminar of Dissemination and Tracing Services for Coordinators, Heads of urban and rural districts of Mingechavur and Ganja regions of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society (AzRCS). The ICRC team made a half-day presentation on the ICRC activities in Azerbaijan and focused on the ICRC Pedagogical programme. The AzRCS will assist the ICRC in the promotion of the new textbook in the schools over the country from the new academic year.

On 28th June, the ICRC regional delegate for Armed and Security forces made a one-hour presentation on the Law of Armed Conflicts (LOAC) for vice commanders for educational affairs of the Ministry of Defence. The presentation was performed in the frame of the Ministry's regular general three-day training session and was held in the premises of the Officers'House.

Two professors of the Azerbaijan University participated in the International Academic Conference entitled " Second Martens Readings: Application of IHL in Today's Armed Conflicts " which was held in St. Petersburg on June 28-29, 2001.

The ICRC sponsored the translation into Azeri and publication of the following texts on International Humanitarian Law (IHL):

  • " Activities of the ICRC in favor of refugees and displaced civilians " by Mr Frederic Maurice and Mr Jean de Courten

  • " Actions of the ICRC in situations of breaches of IHL "

All the publications are available free of charge at the ICRC Baku delegation.

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