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United States: Inquiries for Persons Missing


 United States:  

  ICRC condemns attacks  

 Inquiries for Persons Missing  


 Please contact your National Red Cross/Red Crecent Society  


National Societies are accepting inquiries for persons reported missing in regard to the catastrophic events of 11 September 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York, NY and the Pentagon in Washington DC.

Inquiries will be accepted for immediate family members only: husband, wife, parents, children, grandparents, fiancé or fiancée, person living or raised with the sought person, legal guardian, " in loco parentis " (person who stands in place of a parent). Inquirers must have had contact with the sought person within the last year and provide full name, complete address and phone. We may not be able to locate family members if the inquirer provides a phone number only or a partial address.

Please note that due to chaotic circumstances and communication issues, this process may take days or weeks, but we will make every effort to locate family members. Inquirers should continue to try to contact their relatives by phone. Inquirers should be advised that it migh t take considerable time for replies.

The American Red Cross does not have access to lists of the dead, injured and those who wish it to be known that they survived due to the privacy laws of the U.S. There are several Web sites that may or may not be useful. These include:


  The Disaster Message Service (DMS)

  International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies

  American Red Cross: headquarters, Washington  

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