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Russian Federation: Southern Russia and Northern Caucasus - October 2002

18-11-2002 Operational Update

Highlights: Hostage Drama in Moscow - Photo exhibition on "Humanity and War" - Economic Survey in Chechnya - Surgeons participate in a War Surgery Seminar



Operations in the Northern Caucasus amounts to over 27 million USD.

In October 2002, the ICRC provided food and non-food assistance to more than 120’000 IDPs in the North Caucasus and the South of Russia.


 Hostage Drama in Moscow  

The ICRC condemned the act of hostage taking in the Moscow theatre centre in late October. Upon the request of the Russian authorities and hostage takers the ICRC intervened with humanitarian purposes as a neutral intermediary and facilitated the liberation of 9 people (8 children among them). The ICRC also provided for a short-term two doctors, who were rendering medical assistance to hostages during the crisis.

 ICRC holds the photo exhibition "Humanity and War"  

More than 3,5 thousand people attended the photo exhibition " Humanity and War " organized by the ICRC in Makhachkala in October.

As one of the visitors noted, " to show the face of a suffering human being is extremely important. Children must learn to respect the pain of another person so that in the future they will not cause suffering to any man disregard of the race, nationality or religion " .

 Economic Survey in Chechnya  

The ICRC is preparing to launch a survey in November, which will outline the economic situation of the existing and potential beneficiaries of the ICRC bread programme in Chechnya. It is aimed to define the vulnerability of the households in order to apply economic criteria instead of the social ones in the future.

 Surgeons participate in a War Surgery Seminar  

Thirty surgeons from the North and the South Caucasus participated in a two-day War Surgery Seminar organized by the ICRC in Moscow. The participants were able to share their expertise in helping the victims of armed conflicts worldwide and examine new challenges arising in this area with the prominent international experts. The ICRC is prepared to organize another War Surgery Seminar in 2003 upon the request of the participating surgeons.

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