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Algeria: Seventh series of ICRC visits to detainees

21-11-2002 News Release 02/47

The ICRC has carried out a seventh series of visits to people detained in Ministry of Justice prisons or remanded in custody in Ministry of Interior police stations and Ministry of Defence gendarmeries.

The visits took place between 19 October and 11 November in the Constantine and Sidi Bel-Abbès regions.

A team of six delegates, including a doctor, assessed detention conditions and the treatment of detainees in seven prisons and 12 places where people are held on remand. It was the second time this year that the ICRC had visited police stations and gendarmeries to carry out assessments.

In the prisons visited, which housed 2,826 inmates in all, delegates were particularly concerned with the physical conditions of detention, the detainees'health and relations between detainees and their families.

The ICRC's conclusions concerning the condition of detainees were conveyed to the local judicial authorities and the Ministry of Justice in a discussion that closed this series of visits.