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Nigeria: Red Cross takes injured to hospital

22-11-2002 News Release 02/69

Geneva (ICRC) - In response to the violent clashes that erupted on Thursday, 21 November, in Kaduna, in north-central Nigeria, volunteers of the Nigerian Red Cross Society have been taking injured persons to three hospitals in the city for medical attention.

Volunteers of the Red Cross branch in Kaduna took scores of injured people by ambulance and private car to three hospitals in the city. All volunteers know first aid and have been trained in a programme on disaster- and conflict-preparedness run jointly by the International Committee of the Red Cross and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

For the past two months, the ICRC has been prepositioning first-aid material such as stretchers and kits in the Kaduna Red Cross branch and in Nigeria's five other administrative zones to in order be prepared to care for the wounded in the event of such disturbances. To deal with a possible shortage of dressing materials in Kaduna hospitals, the ICRC also prepositioned 10 dressing kits in the Kaduna branch. It has done the same in the branches covering the country's five other zones.

The Nigerian Red Cross and the International Committee of the Red Cross are closely monitoring the situation through regular contacts with the Society's Kaduna state branch, as well as through the civilian authorities and the armed and security forces deployed around the city. This is being done to determine any need for additional first-aid supplies and the dispatching of additional volunteers from neighbouring Red Cross branches. In Lagos, the ICRC has sufficient medical supplies to cope with the situation and assist wounded and sick persons.

 Further information:  

 Kim Gordon-Bates, ICRC Geneva, tel. ++4179 217 32 16  

 Béa Vanhove, ICRC Lagos, tel. ++234 80 372 68 932  

 Patrick Bawa, Nigerian Red Cross Lagos, tel. ++234 80 231 03 249