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ICRC and Egyptian Red Crescent assist Palestinians

25-03-2003 News Release 03/32

Early last year, as part of their ongoing cooperation, the ICRC delegation in Cairo and the Egyptian Red Crescent Society equipped a first-aid centre affiliated with the National Society in Rafah, on the Egyptian-Israeli border, with furniture and basic medical supplies.

The centre, staffed by a doctor and a nurse from the Egyptian Red Crescent, is currently providing medical care, shelter, food and water for Palestinians awaiting permission to enter the Palestinian territories, a process that can take many days.

Bernard Pfefferlé, head of the ICRC delegation in Cairo, said that the ICRC had financed the purchase by the National Society of tents, blankets, mattresses, hygiene articles, dry food and kitchen utensils to boost the centre's ability to meet any humanitarian needs that might arise. He added that this had enabled the ICRC and the National Society to assist pilgrims returning from Mecca last month at the rate of 500 persons a day for 15 days. The Rafah municipal council supports the centre by bringing in drinking water. 

 Further information: Leyla Berlemont, ICRC Cairo, tel: ++201 224 936 00