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Nepal: Visits to freed detainees

22-05-2003 News Release 03/60

Under the code of conduct signed by the Nepalese government and the Communist Party of Nepal (a Maoist organization) prior to peace talks begun in late April, all persons detained in connection with the conflict are to be gradually released. Prior to the first releases, the ICRC had visited close to 1,700 persons held by the government in over 100 places of detention. To fulfil its protection mandate, the ICRC is now examining lists of released detainees provided by the authorities and sending out teams of two or three delegates deep into the Himalayan foothills to check on these people. The delegates often have to walk for several days after leaving the nearest road in order to reach the remote villages where the former detainees are living, such as Gorkha, in central-western Takukot province. Although the summer rains are about to start, this painstaking work will continue as long as necessary.


 Further information: Nicolas Bachmann, ICRC Kathmandu, tel.: ++977 98 10 34 638