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Georgia: Women’s prison reopens in Tbilisi

17-06-2003 News Release 03/71

In April, an earthquake seriously damaged the women’s detention facility in Tbilisi, forcing it to close. The ICRC set about restoring adequate conditions of detention by partly repairing the accommodation, and 88 women have now returned to the prison, which has a capacity of 250.

Prior to the official reopening on 12 June, the ICRC repaired the laundry, installed new toilets and hot showers and built a medical facility with special provision for women, children and TB patients. The ICRC also rebuilt part of the sewerage system and installed new water pipes.

The ICRC will be continuing to visit places of detention in Georgia, assessing detainees’ most urgent needs and helping the authorities make further improvements to detention conditions.

 Further information:  

 Zurab Burduli, ICRC Tbilisi, tel. ++99 532 93 55 11  

 Annick Bouvier, ICRC Geneva, tel. ++41 22 730 24 58