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Russian Federation / Northern Caucasus: Ingush village connected to water network

14-08-2003 News Release 03/94

On August 13 a new water network supplying the village of Voznesenskaya, in the Malgobek region of Ingushetia, was officially handed over to the local administration.

The project was launched three months ago with financial and technical support from the ICRC. Working under ICRC supervision, a construction team from the Ingush water board ran 3,200 metres of pipeline from an existing line down to Voznesenskaya and laid a network there along the main streets. Two storage tanks installed by the ICRC are also connected to this network, which supplies 10 public fountains set up in strategic places such as schools.

This project is part of a water and sanitation programme the ICRC set up in 1999 to meet the needs of displaced persons from Chechnya sheltering in camps, collective centres and villages where they have been taken in by private individuals. Working in close cooperation with the water board, the organization is seeking to connect some of these settlements to the main water network so as to reduce their dependence on trucking.

The ICRC has been trucking water to Voznesenskaya since 2000, at an average rate of 240 cubic metres per week. With the construction of the new water network, the village's 8,000 inhabitants, including local residents and displaced persons, will no longer need this service.

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