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Geneva: "Displaced lives" exhibition

27-08-2003 News Release 03/99

In summer 1999, the conflict in Kosovo forced hundreds of thousands of people onto the roads. All ethnic groups in the region were affected, with tens of thousands of Serbs and Roma taking refuge in what was to become Serbia and Montenegro. Less than 2% of them have returned to Kosovo and many continue to face serious hardship.

The ICRC photo exhibition "Displaced Lives" portrays the everyday lives and complex needs of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Serbia and Montenegro. In recent months, the exhibition has travelled to 13 towns in the country, and the current showing at the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum is part of an ICRC campaign to raise national and international awareness of IDP issues.

Working in conjunction with the Red Cross of Serbia and Montenegro, the ICRC is still supplying food to 59,000 of the most vulnerable displaced persons from Kosovo. But emergency food assistance is no long-term solution to their problems and Agnès Montanari’s photographs remind us that these people must not be forgotten.

" Displaced lives " is on display from 27 to 29 August at the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum , Geneva.

 Further information:  

 Pierre Ferrand, ICRC Belgrade, tel. ++381 11 344 15 22  

 Annick Bouvier, ICRC Geneva, tel. ++41 22 730 24 58