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Working for the ICRC: national staff


ICRC policy on human resources, and information useful for future employees


Becoming a delegation employee 

Ref. CD-D-00017 

Over 11,000 staff members are recruited and employed locally at one of the ICRC's 70-odd delegations throughout the world. They provide support for the organization's activities, contributing their knowledge of the field and of the social and political environment. They have technical skills and know-how drawn from the local context. Some of them play an important advisory role. They may be called on to perform widely varying occupations and tasks.

 Recruitment by the ICRC's delegations  

The recruitment of delegation employees is largely a factor of the local situation. It depends on the nature of the local labour market, developments in the conflict, and the ICRC's possibilities for action in the context. Recruitment is the exclusive responsibility of the ICRC's delegations.

  • The criteria applied in the recruitment of delegation employees aim to select those with the best profile. The ICRC looks for people with the technical skills required to perform the jobs and tasks carried out within the organization. Applicants must also have the qualit ies and display the personal commitment that are in keeping with the ICRC's values and mission.

  • The ICRC's delegations usually ask applicants to provide the following as a minimum:

  1. a curriculum vitae or resumé;

  2. copies of diplomas;

  3. copies of testimonials;

  4. references;

  5. additional documents, depending on the position applied for.

  • Applicants who are selected usually have one or several interviews with one or more members of the delegation. They also take a language test, in French or English depending on the region. Technical tests are required for certain occupations.

  • Once their application has been accepted, the applicants receive a tangible offer of employment from the ICRC, the terms of which vary depending on the situation. Pay and social benefits are aligned on local practice.

  • People wishing to become delegation employees should contact the ICRC delegation in the country/region in which they live.