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Russian Federation: Water for Grozny

04-11-2003 News Release 03/140

This week the ICRC is bringing almost four kilometres of pipes from its warehouse in Ingushetia to the Chechen capital, Grozny, where the consignment will be used by the local water board to repair the city's water-supply network.

Cooperation between the ICRC and the Grozny water board began in 1995 with a view to providing clean water and improving hygiene for the civilian population of the destroyed city. Today the ICRC continues to support key infrastructure, including the water-supply and sewer systems.

" ICRC assistance is vital for the people of Grozny, " said Ruslan Shamsudov, deputy head of the city's water board. " Without the ICRC, we could not provide an adequate supply of clean water and ensure basic standards of hygiene. "

In 2000 the ICRC resumed the operation of a temporary filling point at pumping station No 1, which currently provides a monthly 20,000   cubic metres of drinking water. Private companies and humanitarian organizations truck water from the pumping station to various parts of Grozny. In the past two years the ICRC has donated various equipment to repair and maintain the city's water-supply network, including a crane and a mobile workshop. This has considerably eased the work of the water board, which previously had only a borrowed crane and one mobile workshop to provide daily maintenance for over 30 sites.

" The ICRC and the Grozny water board are working together to solve the problems of water supply and sewage in Grozny, " said Ihtiyar Aslanov, coordinator of the ICRC water and habitat programme in the northern Caucasus. " The aim is to ensure that the people of Grozny have better access to basic services. "

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