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Democratic Republic of the Congo: Support for local associations in Maniema

03-03-2004 News Release 04/27

The ICRC has launched a soya-seed production programme in cooperation with local farming associations in the towns of Kailo, Kalima, Punia and Kindu (Maniema province). In addition to soya, some vegetable seed was distributed in Kailo and rice seed in Kalima.

Food-producing commodities are in increasingly short supply in this troubled eastern province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo where towns are cut off from each other and population movements frequent. The ICRC is seeking to distribute high-quality seed in this region so that people can once more grow their own food. A specialist from the ICRC gave a training session on cultivation methods and the production of high-quality seed for 186 members of the associations. It will be their task to multiply the seed and make it available to the rest of the population.

 For further information, please contact:  

 Anna Schaaf, ICRC Goma, tel. ++250 830 04 61  

 Benoît Chavaz, ICRC Kindu, tel. ++250 813 288 771