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Democratic Republic of the Congo: Electric pumps for Regideso in Kisangani

26-08-2004 News Release 04/100

The ICRC has delivered 10 pumping units to Regideso (the water authority for urban areas) for treating the water at the Tshopo plant. These units, which will be used for dosing chemicals and adding lime to the water, will guarantee the city's water supply.

They will replace the motor pumps that Regideso installed in 1982 when the plant was rehabilitated and that have gradually deteriorated owing to erosion. The ICRC has also provided the municipal water authority with 10 non-return valves and 10 butterfly valves.

With all of this equipment, Regideso will be able to ensure that the plant operates efficiently and to increase output as well as the city's water-production capacity for the benefit of the entire Kisangani population – some 600,000 people. This operation completes the ICRC's cooperation with Regideso in Kisangani. The organization will support smaller structures in the future, in line with its mandate in emergencies.

Guaranteeing access to drinking water for the greatest possible number of people is one of the ICRC's priorities. However, the organization is hoping that sponsors and development agencies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo will provide support to make drinking water available to the entire Congolese population.

 For further information, please contact:  

 Alec Guichard, ICRC Goma, tel.: ++250 0830 0461  

 Anna Schaaf, ICRC Goma, tel.: ++250 0830 0461  

 Marco Jimenez, ICRC Geneva, tel.: ++41 22 730 2271