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Instructions for referencing and footnotes for the International Review of the Red Cross

18-04-2007 Article, International Review of the Red Cross



Manuscripts should be submitted, consecutively paginated, in word format, using British English style, with 12pt font size, using Times New Roman, with 1, 5 line space and as far as possible without abbreviations (international humanitarian law instead of IHL).


Please do not use more than 3 different levels of headings, and do not number or letter subheadings (e.g. provide only an actual title).


No highlighting (big, italics, underlined) within the text body - except using italics for foreign language terms (e.g. a limine ).

Bibliographical References and Notes 

 - Latin expression   Ibid ., op. cit. , etc. should be in italic  


 - Please use ff. instead of et seq., abbreviations within footnotes are permissible: op. cit. , e.g., etc., i.e., Ibid ., as well as GC I, GC II, AP I, AP II and Art. 1 (2) lit. a.


 - The entire first and last name of the authors cited should be written down (see examples below)

 1. Books : Priscilla Hayner, Unspeakable Truths: Confronting State Terror and Atrocity , Routledge, London, 2001, p. 100.


 2. Journal articles : Raoul Alfonsin, " Never again in Argentina " , Journal of Democracy , Vol. 4, January 1993, p. 19.


 3. References to a chapter in a multi-author book : Priscilla Hayner, " Fifteen truth commissions - 1974 to 1994: A comparative study " , in Neil J. Kritz (ed.), Transitional Justice: How Emerging Democracies Reckon with Former Regimes , Vol. 1, United States Institute of Peace Press, Washington, 1995, p. 229.


 4. Internet Conference Papers : Please indicate the website and the date of the last visit. e.g. available at: www.icrc.org (last visited 17 February 2005).


 5. Newspapers : Henri E. Cauvin, " Angolan rebels in disarray without leader " , New York Times , 27 February 2002, p. 3.


 6. Judgments : ICJ, Military and Paramilitary Activities in and against Nicaragua  (Nicaragua v. United States of America) , Judgment, ICJ Reports 1986, paras. 172-179 or ICTR, The Prosecutor v. Jean-Paul Akayesu , Case No. ICTR-96-4-I, Judgment (Appeals Chamber), 1 June 2001, paras. 37-45.


 7. Subsequent References : The International Review of the Red Cross uses " op. cit. (note 1), p. 4 " where there are subsequent references to the same work: e.g. Hayner, op. cit. (note 3), p. 4. " Ibid . " is used where there are two or more consecutive references to the same work.