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International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law:Exploring Parallel Application

16-05-2006 Event

Conference on International Humanitarian Law, Jerusalem, Israel, 21-22 May 2006

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Where: Geneva

 In the past decade, the jurisprudence of international tribunals has increasingly affirmed the application of international human rights (IHR) in situations of armed conflict. But, while the parallel application of international humanitarian law (IHL) is becoming an established legal doctrine, it also, both in theory and in practice, raises many complex and yet unanswered questions.  


 As part of its cooperation with academic institutions in Israel, the Occupied and Autonomous Palestinian Territories, the Tel Aviv Delegation of the ICRC co-organises, together with the Minerva Center for Human Rights at the Law Faculty, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Bruce W. Wayne Chair in International Law, an international conference, to be held on 21-22 May 2006 in Jerusalem, to explore questions related to the interplay between IHL and IHR legal regimes.  


 The Conference panels will address the following topics:   the Case for and against Parallel Application; Parallel Application - Practical and Theoretical Problems; Adapting Human Rights Law to Parallel Application; Parallel Application during Occupation; and Implications of Parallel Application - Comparative and Critical Perspectives.  

 The keynote address will be delivered by  Prof. Theodor Meron  , Appeals Judge and past President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia; Appeals Judge of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda; and Charles L. Denison Professor Emeritus and Judicial Fellow at the New York University Law School.  


 Participants will include  Prof. John Cerone; Mr. Michael J. Dennis; Dr. Cordula Droege; Prof. Jochen Abr. Frowein; Dr. Aeyal Gross; Prof. Francoise Hampson; Prof. David Kretzmer; Mr. Noam Lubell; Prof. Dominic McGoldrick; Prof. Fionnuala Ni Aolain; Prof. René Provost; Ms. Nancie Prud'homme; Prof. William Schabas; Dr. Yuval Shany; and Dr. Ralph Wilde.  


 Conference Steering Committee members are  : Prof. David Kretzmer, Bruce W. Wayne Professor of International Law, Hebrew University; Dr. Yuval Shany, Director, Minerva Center, Law Faculty, Hebrew University; Dr. Tristan Ferraro, Legal Coordinator, ICRC, Tel Aviv; and Adv. Rotem Giladi, Legal Adviser, ICRC, Tel Aviv.  


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