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ICRC mine/UXO awareness programmes worldwide


Country-by-country breakdown of the mine/UXO-awareness programmes that ICRC runs, either directly or through the National Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies.



 ICRC and/or National Societies' mine/UXO-awareness programmes
 Countries where needs and capacity assessments have been conducted 

In order to reduce the risk of death and injury faced by civilians living in mine-affected areas, the ICRC has been running mine/UXO-awareness programmes since 1996.

Today it conducts programmes directly or through the National Red Cross / Red Crescent Societies in Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Lebanon, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Nicaragua, the Palestinian occupied and autonomous territories, Peru, southern Serbia, Tajikistan, the northern Caucasus region of the Russian Federation (including Chechnya and Daghestan) and the regions of Kosovo and Nagorny Karabakh .  

In Georgia/Abkhazia, the ICRC has organized training and workshops to support mine/UXO awareness activities of the HALO Trust. Assessment missions have also been conducted in Colombia, Eritrea, Jordan, Namibia and Uzbekistan to help the National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in these countries determine how to implement mine/UXO-awareness programmes.