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Public sources


The Canton of Basel-Country has been funding ICRC assistance activities since 2002.
The Republic and Canton of Geneva has been contributing significantly to the ICRC's budget for several decades. In 2004, the two partners signed an agreement formalizing the Canton's contribution to "forgotten conflicts" - those conflicts that no longer make the headlines but still cause extensive suffering.
For several decades now, the City of Geneva has provided the land on which ICRC headquarters are located free of charge. Every year, this free lease is recorded as a gift in the ICRC accounts.
The Canton of Valais has been supporting ICRC assistance activities in Pakistan-administered Kashmir since 2006. The Canton was inspired to support a reconstruction programme in that mountainous region in part by the similarity between Kashmir and the Valais of old.
The ICRC's training centre, Ecogia, is located within the Community of Versoix, not far from Geneva. Ever since the centre opened, Versoix has leased the land to the ICRC free of charge as an annual gift to the organization.
The Canton of Zurich has been financing ICRC assistance programmes since 2000, mainly in the Horn of Africa.