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Appropriate and more environment-friendly applications



Over the past few years, the ICRC has been faced with a number of emergency situations which require the application of specific technologies. The displacement of individuals, groups and families in any given context suddenly gives rise to many issues, relating to environmental protection in particular.

The response to such crises often seems to be prompted by sheer urgency rather than stemming from the calm reflection that the gravity of such situations requires. However, experience has shown the attitude which should be adopted to come up with appropriate solutions.

This takes into consideration the people affected or displaced by a conflict and the best way of meeting their basic needs. The pragmatic approach may deal effectively with the situation, but unfortunately it tends to leave its mark on the environment or even cause severe environmental damage which in turn disrupts the ecosystem, often irreversibly.

The ICRC has therefore directed its research towards finding better ways of responding to the basic and pressing needs of populations in emergency situations, mindful of how difficult it is to fully achieve those objectives.

Effective responses have been found through the exchange of ideas and cooperation with research consultants, and the implementation of new methods.

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Ref. LG 2000-062-ENG

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