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Zaire / Rwanda / Burundi: ICRC voices acute anxiety

23-08-1995 News Release 34

The ICRC is very concerned about developments in the refugee camps in Zaire.

Most of the thousands of  refugees being forcibly expelled to Rwanda and Burundi by the Zairian army are women and children. ICRC delegates in the UNHCR transit camps in Gisenyi, Kamembe and Gatumba have observed  that several families have been split up by these recent events. Unaccompanied children have arrived there and the ICRC has taken care to register them. It is also giving all people who have been expelled the possibility to write Red Cross messages to relatives who are still in Zaire.

In addition, the ICRC has begun registering people arrested by the Rwandan authorities.

The ICRC will today try to send medical supplies to the Mungunga hospital in Zaire.