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Southern Lebanon: first ICRC visit to Khiam detention centre

09-10-1995 News Release 48

Geneva (ICRC) - Today, Monday 9 October 1995, a team of delegates from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) began a visit to the Khiam detention centre in southern Lebanon. This is the first time that the ICRC has been granted access to this prison since it was opened more than 10 years ago.

The visit is being carried out under the mandate conferred on the ICRC by the Geneva Conventions. Four Arabic-speaking delegates, a doctor and an interpreter are conducting the visit in accordance with the ICRC's standard working procedures, whereby the ICRC must :

- have access to all places of detention,

- be allowed to see all the detainees in private and speak with them freely in a place of their 


- be able to repeat its visits.

During the visit, the delegates assess the detainees'treatment and their material and psychological conditions of detention.

After the visit, the ICRC's findings and recommendations will be submitted to the authorities in a confidential report.