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Afghanistan: repairing underground irrigation channels

19-10-1995 News Release 42

Despite fighting in southern Kabul, a programme to repair underground irrigation channels is being continued. The ICRC's agricultural team has carried out a mission to the Wardak and Ghazny area outside Kabul to distribute more tools for this essential restoration work being performed by the local population. The channels, which have been destroyed over the years of fighting, are indispensable for regular irrigation of the orchards and fields in the area. In all, 12 channels are currently under repair. During the recent mission, some 500 pairs of shears and 180 kilos of insecticide were distributed to local farmers. A similar programme was started during the summer months in provinces north of Kabul. " This is part of the ICRC's emergency agricultural aid programme " , explained the agro-team leader, Mr R. Noori. " We want the local population to take an active part and, if possible, to be self-sufficient even during wartime " .

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