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Afghanistan: Kabul: rockets slam into civilian areas

15-11-1995 News Release 46

ICRC drivers and field officers actively assisted in the evacuation of people wounded by rockets and artillery shells that hit the Afghan capital on Saturday 11 November and again two days later. They then transported the wounded to various hospitals in Kabul. Just around office closing time on Saturday, at least three rockets slammed into a densely populated area in the Taimani district. According to eyewitnesses, nine actors and movie technicians were killed when one of the rockets crashed through the roof and exploded inside the city's only remaining private film studio. Two other rockets landed in the immediate vicinity, killing at least another 25 civilians and wounding many more.

At least 57 residents were killed and more than 150 wounded in the recent attacks on civilian areas of the Afghan capital. According to official and hospital sources, this was the bloodiest incident since fighting resumed mid-October. The recent rocket attacks are all the more alarming since, according to the ICRC head of delegation in Kabul, Peter Stocker, the town is preparing itself for " its worst winter ever " . For the first time road access has been completely blocked and no fuel, wood or other relief is currently allowed in.

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