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Sri Lanka: should there be a battle for Jaffna town...

15-11-1995 News Release 46

As the fighting on the outskirts of Jaffna town grew more intense, and at the request of the hospital's medical authorities, on Tuesday 14 November the ICRC organized a convoy of about 30 vehicles to transport to Point Pedro some 50 civilian patients as well as the remaining medical and nursing staff and their families (220 people in all). The patients and the medical staff have joined health facilities in the east of the Jaffna peninsula, which is currently outside the main combat zone. The ICRC is now working from Point Pedro, using the port as the logistics base for its relief operation for people displaced by the conflict.

Since some inhabitants did not wish to leave Jaffna town and are still living there, the ICRC urgently appeals to the forces involved to take all necessary precautions so that if the fighting spreads to the city itself the few remaining civilians and medical and health facilities may be spared.

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