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Southern Caucasus: ICRC seed programme

08-02-1996 News Release 96/5

Taking advantage of the relative calm prevailing in the southern Caucasus, the ICRC is carrying out a large-scale agricultural programme designed to help the region's population grow some of the food essential to its survival. In Nagorny Karabakh and Azerbaijan, several thousand families living in difficult conditions, mostly in villages destroyed by the fighting, will receive packages of seeds so they can grow their own vegetables. A similar programme, set up by the American Red Cross in close cooperation with the ICRC, is currently under way in Armenia in districts close to the former front lines. And in Abkhazia, the ICRC has opened thirteen community kitchens for thousands of elderly people deprived of all support because of the conflict. Under a special programme, five cooperatives are supplying the kitchens with fresh produce (potatoes and other vegetables).