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Anti-personnel mines: parliamentarians take firm stand

24-04-1996 News Release 96/16

At the 95th Conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, held in Istanbul from 15 to 20 April, more than 170 parliamentarians from 133 countries signed a petition for submission to the Review Conference of the 1980 UN Weapons Convention. This appeal reflected the views of a very large majority of parliamentarians from all over the world who took a firm stand in favour of the prohibition of the production, storage and transfer of anti-personnel mines.

At the request of the group of countries that had initiated the petition (Belgium, Canada, Switzerland and the United Kingdom), the ICRC submitted it to the President of the Conference, the Swedish Ambassador Johan Molander. ICRC President Cornelio Sommaruga asked Ambassador Molander to take the appeal from the world's parliaments into consideration during the Conference's deliberations in Geneva in the coming days.