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Northern Iraq: casualties and displacements

11-09-1996 News Release 96/36

On the evening of 9 September, the town of Sulaymaniyah was taken by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK). No fighting was involved, but Koi Sanjaq and Dukan were the scene of violent clashes which left many wounded. The ICRC has provided additional medical assistance to two towns'main medical facilities.

According to early estimates, over 50,000 people fled from Sulaymaniyah as the PDK forces approached. The ICRC is currently assessing needs among displaced people around Penjwin. Several hundred have already returned to Sulaymaniyah, but in case some of them remain in the Penjwin area the ICRC is preparing to send in a convoy from Baghdad carrying basic necessities such as blankets, cooking utensils, jerricans, soap and emergency medical supplies. ICRC delegates are also stepping up their contacts with the parties with a view to providing protection for persons who have been arrested. Over 500 people have been visited since 17  August, when the latest hostilities broke out.

The ICRC has 16 delegates working in northern Iraq and six in Baghdad.

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