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Great Lakes Region: assistance in Goma

30-10-1996 News Release 96/43

Following the evacuation of its remaining delegates from Bukavu on 28 October, the ICRC is now concentrating its activities in the Goma area. At the new Mugunga II camp, where some 200,000 Rwandan refugees have arrived from the Kibumba camp further north, it has set up a meeting point to restore contact between members of families split up in the confusion. The names of persons being sought are called out over megaphones by local employees walking through the camp. Once again, hundreds of small children have become separated from their parents. The ICRC has also installed a health centre in the new camp.

In Kanyaruchina, a few kilometres north of Goma, material assistance (blankets, soap, kitchen utensils, jerrycans) has been provided to more than 12,000 displaced Zairians forced to flee their homes when fighting broke out near the Kibumba camp.