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Ethiopia-Eritrea: Aid for medical facilities and the displaced

12-06-1998 News Release 98/23

As soon as the border dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea erupted in early May the ICRC reminded the two governments of the rules of international humanitarian law, which they are under an obligation to respect. Eritrea is not a party to the Geneva Conventions or their Additional Protocols, but nonetheless has to comply with the customary rules applicable in the event of international armed conflict. 

The ICRC has offered its support to the Red Cross Societies of both countries in their efforts to bring aid to the thousands of people who have fled their homes and the hundreds who have been wounded. With assistance from the ICRC, Red Cross workers have delivered medical supplies to hospitals and dispensaries in the border area and distributed basic necessities to the displaced. Additional consignments are on their way.

The ICRC has also offered its services to the two governments with a view to conducting visits, in accordance with its standard procedures, to persons captured in connection with the conflict.